• Happy Gate Monban

  • Happy Gate Monban by Komatsu Electric Industry Co., Ltd is a high quality High Speed Sheet Shutter that is suitable for indoor and outdoor opening of a factory, warehouse, and cold storage.

Monban Products Line up

Outdoor Type

WIde Opening up to 10m x 6m, wind pressure resistant, high speed opening, and collision impact reduction.

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Indoor Type

Pipe-less shutter with High Speed Opening and Closing, Self Repairing System, Quiet Operation, High Durability, and High Grade Airtight.

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Independent Type

No additional construction needed, set up anywhere, easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to move.

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Cold Storage Freezer

Indoor and Outdoor High Speed Sheet Shutter design specifically for the use on cold storage and freezer.

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Monban Sheet Shutter


Monban Sheet Shutter by Komatsu Electric Industry Co., Ltd – Japan is now available in Indonesia. PT Naga Maseltraditama is an authorized importer for Monban Sheet Shutter in Indonesia. Our Japanese expert engineer will help you choose the right Monban for your factories, warehouse, or cold storage area.